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Please fill in up to Three Full Names or Single Words that you want to have analized.

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HERE for a detailed order form for that reports

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    Full Name or Single Word You Want Analized:

    Full Name or Single Word You Want Analized:

    Full Name or Single Word You Want Analized:

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    Thank you and we hope you enjoy your reports and come back soon!

    This form is ONLY for the Name Advisor, if you wish to order other reports please be sure to fill out the other order forms. Enjoy!!

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    Frequently Asked Questions about our reports:

    When will I receive my reports?
    Normally your reports will be delivered via email within a few hours or less. It could take up to 24 hours depending on time zone and email service. All reports will come from

    How are my Reports delivered?
    As a PDF file as an attatchment
    Due to the size of some of these Reports inserting it in an email is not feasable and your Internet Service may not allow the email to be delivered or to be opened if the file is too large this is why our preference is to send them to you as a PDF attatchment that you can download and view and print.

    PDF files are delivered by email as file attachments. PDF files open in Adobe Reader, a free download.
    You must have 
    Adobe Reader (a free download) on your computer or able to install Adobe Reader (a free download) and your EMAIL MUST ACCEPT  FILE ATTACHMENTS.   Adobe Reader required. Many of these Reports can contain 60 pages or more of text. A PDF file is the easiest way to insure that you receive your report in one simple download.

    Please be aware that many (all)  Internet Provider Services now have "spam" filters on their service. Please check your email spam folder if you do not recieve your report within 24 hours of placing your order.  Feel free to email us and let us know that you haven't received your Report and we will try to work out where or why it wasn't delivered. 

    You MAY choose to have your Report printed and mailed to you Priority Mail for an additional $12.95 shipping and handling. EXCEPT the Day Watch Reports (prices are higher for printing and shipping). If you are choosing to have multiple reports run and printed we can combine shipping cost for a lower price. Please be aware Reports will be printed on HIGH quality paper (choice of bright white or parchment) with a color laser printer. Please contact us at   reports@cosmicpaths.com if you are interested in purchasing your report printed and mailed to you..

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