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(12 pages of an approx 35 page report, reports average 35-40 pages) 





Birth name: Della Sue Barnett
Short name: Della York
Birth date: September 26, 1959

Birth name: James Paul McCartney
Short name: Paul McCartney
Birth date: June 18, 1942

Della, your Life Path is 23/5 6
Paul, your Life Path is 22/4 7
Your Life Path's compatibility is 5 and 4 7
Della, your Expression is 24/6 9
Paul, your Expression is 11/2 10
Your Expression's compatibility is 6 and 2 11
Della, your Heart's Desire is 20/2 12
Paul, your Heart's Desire is 16/7 12
Your Heart's Desire's compatibility is 2 and 7 13
Della and Paul, your Personality is 4 14
Your Personality's compatibility is 4 15
Della, your Personal Year for 2005 is 6 16
Paul, your Personal Year for 2005 is 4 17
Your Personal Year's compatibility for 2005 is 6 and 4 17
Della, your Personal Year for 2006 is 7 18
Paul, your Personal Year for 2006 is 5 18
Your Personal Year's compatibility for 2006 is 7 and 5 18
Della, your Personal Year for 2007 is 8 19
Paul, your Personal Year for 2007 is 6 19
Your Personal Year's compatibility for 2007 is 8 and 6 20
Della, your Personal Month for June 2005 is 3 20
Paul, your Personal Month for June 2005 is 1 20
Your Personal Month's compatibility for June 2005 is 3 and 1 21
Della, your Personal Month for July 2005 is 4 21
Paul, your Personal Month for July 2005 is 2 22
Your Personal Month's compatibility for July 2005 is 4 and 2 22
Della, your Personal Month for August 2005 is 5 22
Paul, your Personal Month for August 2005 is 3 23
Your Personal Month's compatibility for August 2005 is 5 and 3 23
Della, your Personal Month for September 2005 is 6 23
Paul, your Personal Month for September 2005 is 4 24
Your Personal Month's compatibility for September 2005 is 6 and 4 24
Della, your Personal Month for October 2005 is 7 24
Paul, your Personal Month for October 2005 is 5 25
Your Personal Month's compatibility for October 2005 is 7 and 5 25
Della, your Personal Month for November 2005 is 8 26
Paul, your Personal Month for November 2005 is 6 26
Your Personal Month's compatibility for November 2005 is 8 and 6 26
Della, your Personal Month for December 2005 is 9 27
Paul, your Personal Month for December 2005 is 7 27
Your Personal Month's compatibility for December 2005 is 9 and 7 27
Della, your Personal Month for January 2006 is 8 28
Paul, your Personal Month for January 2006 is 6 28
Your Personal Month's compatibility for January 2006 is 8 and 6 29
Della, your Personal Month for February 2006 is 9 29
Paul, your Personal Month for February 2006 is 7 29
Your Personal Month's compatibility for February 2006 is 9 and 7 30
Della, your Personal Month for March 2006 is 1 30
Paul, your Personal Month for March 2006 is 8 31
Your Personal Month's compatibility for March 2006 is 1 and 8 31
Della, your Personal Month for April 2006 is 2 31
Paul, your Personal Month for April 2006 is 9 32
Your Personal Month's compatibility for April 2006 is 2 and 9 32
Della, your Personal Month for May 2006 is 3 33
Paul, your Personal Month for May 2006 is 1 33
Your Personal Month's compatibility for May 2006 is 3 and 1 33
Della, your Personal Month for June 2006 is 4 34
Paul, your Personal Month for June 2006 is 2 34
Your Personal Month's compatibility for June 2006 is 4 and 2 34

(this is 12 pages of an approx 35 page report, reports average 40 pages)



When two people are involved in a relationship, they get to know each other more deeply
over time. At first, everything is wonderful and friction is rare. Then, as time goes by,
you get to know other sides of your partner and, undoubtedly, discover some personality
traits you donít like, and other traits you appreciate. The more time you spend together,
the more you get to know each other. But even if you consider your relationship almost
perfect, you will certainly experience at least some areas of possible friction.

The purpose of this report is to point out the different personality traits you possess, and
how compatible they are. This report will help you identify those properties that are, at
least to some extent, not compatible, and suggest how to prevent them from damaging,
or dominating, your relationship.

It is important to also keep in mind that you may have some qualities that, although
positive, are not compatible, but that negative traits are almost always a cause for
friction. Therefore, you may find that this Relationship Compatibility Report is at times
more critical and perhaps somewhat harsh - unlike most readings of this kind. If you feel
uncomfortable with that, remember that this report was designed to throw light on those
aspects in your charts that need to be understood and recognized, because if they are
not, they can do a lot more damage than a few critical remarks in a reading.

Della and Paul, you will probably encounter some texts such as: ďThe compatibility
aspect in this area of the chart is already included in other parts of this report, offset by
other conditions or redundantĒ.
This is done in order to offer a perspective that is as well balanced and clear as possible,
and repeating certain traits would place too much emphasis on them.

Master numbers are also handled somewhat different in a relationship compatibility
report. They are reduced to their single digit values, because it is in the single digitís
archetype that those personality traits are represented. If a number that appears in your
chart is 11, 22, or 33, and the compatibility refers to the numbers 2, 4, and 6 respectively,
this is not a typo but an indicator that the compatibility is based on the single-digit sum of
your Master number.

You will also find that some numbers normally included in a personal numerology reading
are not included in a relationship compatibility report. This is because the compatibility
between two people is influenced much more strongly -- as much as ninety-five percent
-- by the core numbers, than by all the other numbers in the chart combined. In fact, the
lesser numbers in the chart would only muddle the waters if analyzed in the context of a
relationship compatibility report.

Della and Paul, I hope you will enjoy your Compatibility Report and, more importantly, I
hope you will find this reading to be beneficial to your relationship.

Page 5

If ever there was a moment of total transformation, it was the moment of your birth. In
that instant, you stepped through a door in time into a new reality -- the reality of human
life. The most important number in your numerology chart is based on the date of your
birth, the moment when the curtain goes up in your life.
Even at that moment, you were a person with your own unique character, as unique
as your DNA. Everything that is you existed in potential, much like a play that is about to
begin. Your entire life exists as a potential that has been prepared for. Della, you have
ultimate freedom to do with your life as you like: To fulfill its potential completely, or to
make some smaller version of yourself. It all depends upon your effort and commitment.
You make the decisions to fulfill, to whatever extent, the potential life that exists within
you. That is your choice. In this sense, the possible you is implicit during the moment of
your birth.
The Life Path number gives us a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and
lessons we will encounter in this lifetime. Your Life path is the road you are traveling. It
reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life. Your Life Path number is the
single most important information available in your Personality Chart!

Della, your Life Path is 23/5

The key to your personality is freedom. Della, you love travel, adventure, variety and
meeting new people. You possess the curiosity of a cat and long to experience all of life.
You love to be involved in several things at the same time as long as you are not tied
down to any one area. You like change, new things and new horizons. You make friends
easily; your personality is upbeat and often inspiring attracting people from all walks of
life. You have a way of words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. You can be in
sales, advertising, publicity, promotion, politics or any profession that requires your
communication skills and understanding of people. You likely lack discipline and order.
You can also be impulsive, doing or expressing things you regret later. Freedom and a
need for adventure sometimes is not properly controlled by those born with this Life Path,
causing problems with drug abuse, overindulgence in food or sex, or generally abusing
the gift of life. You are sensual and love to taste all of life. Sex, food and other sensory
experiences are essential to the enjoyment of your life. You find it difficult to commit to
one relationship, but once committed you can be as faithful as an old dog. You are
multi-talented and possess a variety of diverse abilities. However, discipline and focus
are the true keys to your success. Without these many of the tasks you begin will remain
unfinished and you will fail to realize the true fruits of your abilities. With hard work and
perseverance the sky is the limit. You may have been perceived as a wild child by adults
and a source of concern by your family. However, do not be obliged to hurry your choice
of career. You are often a late-bloomer and need to experience life before you can truly
know and commit to your heart's desire. Della, your challenge is to learn the true
meaning of freedom. Change is constant in your world requiring adaptability and courage.
Try to maintain an exercise program, keep your body in shape and limber. The flexibility
and durability of your body will promote security and confidence within you. You yearn for
freedom and self-employment attracts you powerfully. Your challenge is to settle into one
area to cultivate your ability sufficiently to earn a living and attain success. Once you find
your niche the motivation and inspiration you supply others will bring you much in return,

Page 6
you will find your friends and colleagues supporting and promoting you on the road to

Paul, your Life Path is 22/4

Paul, you were born under the most powerful and potentially the most successful of all
Life Path numbers. It offers you the extremes of life's possibilities: on one hand, you have
the potential to be the Master Builder, the person capable of perceiving something great
in the archetypal world and manifesting it in the relative world; on the other hand, you can
slip into the depths of obscurity, achieving little more than personal support.
Your power is delicate. It exists by virtue of your ideals and vision, which you must use
to inspire others to join you in your dream. Only by marshaling collective forces are you
able to bring together the necessary elements -- people, ideas, resources -- that will
enable you to realize your goals.
Consequently, your Life Path is one requiring dramatic evolution. By being able to
integrate seemingly conflicting characteristics within yourself -- your inspiring vision and
your natural tendency toward practicality, for example -- you develop the talent to deal
effectively with a great variety of people. This allows you to understand and unite many
differing people toward a single goal, melding them into a concerted whole. Your task in
life is to unite the dream with the bottom line.
In short, you are the visionary with your feet on the ground.
You are good at business and politics. You naturally understand large institutions, and
have the ability to think and act on an international scale.
You are gifted with uncommonly sound common sense. You are able to see the
beauty and potential in a given idea, but also the practical methods that will bring it to
fruition. Somehow, you understand the limitations of ideas -- what will work and what will
not. This is an intuitive gift that can evaluate possibilities on the basis of their practicality.
While in many aspects the 22 is the most promising number, it is also the most
difficult to live up to. Paul, you have a great ambition, which can be a most difficult
master, driving you to accomplish all that you are capable of.
You are a steady partner in any relationship. You offer sound advice and consistent
emotional support. You do not suffer from flights of fancy, and naturally resist the
emotional heights. You are unconventional in thought and action, but tend to be traditional
in appearance. You avoid airs and pretension.
Paul, your challenge is to share your vision and allow others to make their personal
contributions. That requires flexibility on your part, perhaps your weakest characteristic.
You often lack faith in the ability of others. Therefore, you tend to control people and
situations, sometimes tempted to manipulate.
In the end, you must learn to surrender to the larger cause that you serve. The final
result may be quite different from your original vision, but with faith and commitment you
will make an enduring impact on the world.

Your Life Path's compatibility is 5 and 4

Della and Paul, your Life Path numbers are the most important numbers in your charts,
and, as such, their compatibility is very important to the well-being of your relationship.

Paul and Della, you make up a challenging combination. Paul likes routine and

Page 7
predictability, while Della prefers change and the unexpected. The numbers four and five
stand for each other's polar opposites in many ways. And, interestingly, this is often
where the initial attraction lies. Paul is drawn to Dellaís daring, adventurous, dynamic
and energetic life. On the other hand, Della admires the control and discipline Paul
seems to have.
Quite often, this combination makes for a dynamic relationship comparable to a roller
coaster ride. So, it is not difficult to conclude that this combination can only survive if
your mutual love is strong enough to give each other room to live the life style of your
respective choices. There is nothing gained by trying to change your partner. Your
needs are simply too far apart.
Paul will have to accept the fact that Della is not predictable and, therefore, Della will
never be happy living a too-structured life where everything can be forecast. Della should
make peace with Paulís need for a more organized and controlled environment.
Very different attitudes can also be noticed in other areas. Della is sensual and feels
totally comfortable with other people. Della is more social and, probably, has a wild
streak. Paul can be social when the occasion calls for it, but Paul will always keep a
certain amount of distance. When choosing company, Paul is more discriminate and
tends to hold on to protocol longer. Although as a rule more conventional and careful,
Paul can, when the occasion is just right, reveal an extrovert, even outrageous, side.
When it comes to opinions, Paul and Della, you will find yourself on opposite sides more
often than not. Paul may be Republican while Della votes Democrat. Paul needs a
somewhat structured spiritual connection. Dellaís spiritual world is very imaginative and
more changeable. Paul may be much more willing to accept rules and regulations that
Della will try to break with every opportunity.
Of course, these are just examples provided to give you a picture of what this
combination may bring about, and not to be taken too literally.
Interestingly, this kind of relationship can be very powerful and long lasting. The key to
achieve that is not to take yourself and your concepts too seriously - something Paul in
particular may have to work on - and maintain your sense of humor. If you can do that,
you will be able to enjoy each otherís company instead of getting irritated by the
differences you encounter.
So, keep in mind that opinions are just opinions, with relative values. On the other hand,
a sense of right and wrong, a moral foundation, should not be relative. Sometimes, we
find ourselves confused, attaching the same importance to our opinions and moral
convictions, and when that happens, it is no longer possible to enjoy or build on the
Paul and Della, this is where the danger lies in your four and five combination. Once the
differences become so important you can no longer appreciate your partner, the end of
the relationship is unavoidable. Therefore, go ahead and work on developing these two
key qualities - tolerance and open-mindedness - so that you can build a happy and
healthy relationship where Dellaís adventurous spirit and energy and Paulís control and
discipline will stand side by side.


Your Expression number reveals your physical and mental constitution, the orientation
or goal of your life. Some numerologists refer to this number as the Destiny, because it
represents a lifelong target at which you are aiming. You work at fulfilling this potential

Page 8
every day of your life. Thus, the Expression number reveals your inner goal, the person
you aim to be.
The Expression number reveals the talents, abilities, and shortcomings that were with
you when you entered your human body. Your name, and the numbers derived from it,
reveals your development, as well as the talents and issues you will be working with
during this life.
For those for whom reincarnation is an accepted philosophy, the vibration of your full
name can be seen as the totality of your personal evolution, the experiences, talents, and
wisdom accumulated over many life times. Every experience, no matter how great or
small, along this evolutionary path has influenced your development, and brought you to
your current state of being.
The Expression is your being; the Life Path is the major lesson you are attempting to
learn this time around. Time allows the gradual emergence of your personality. By
reading the Expression number below, you will come to understand your basic nature
and the abilities and issues inherent in your being.

Della, your Expression is 24/6

Della, you are a loving and caring individual with a tendency to put the needs of others
before those of yourself. You are responsible and trustworthy with a high regard for
justice and honesty. Duty will follow you all your life and sometimes feel a little too much
of a burden.
You are artistic. Harmony and beauty are high on your list of priorities. You have
musical talent but the creative talents of a 6 are sometimes left undeveloped or
suppressed as a result of your tendency to sacrifice your time and pleasure to the
service of others. You are highly creative in all areas of life, particularly the visual. You
are also a talented business person and can work methodically toward the realization of
your goals.
You have a natural gift with flowers, gardens, and animals. Your love of children has
caused numerologists to dub you the "Cosmic Mother or Cosmic Father". The very
shape of the 6 resembles and symbolizes "Pregnant with Love".
You are a natural counselor and healer. But you must be careful not to interfere with
the freedom of others. You are recognized as an idealist, mainly regarding marriage,
friendships and humanity.
The 6 is the most balanced of all numbers, but also contains within itself the greatest
paradoxes. It is as if opposite tendencies were tenuously poised. Because of its gift for
harmonizing these opposites, you are uniquely qualified to handle and integrate
contradictions within yourself. It is for this reason that 6s so frequently find themselves in
the role of healers or counselors, creating a peace between opposing points of view, or
internal conflicts within the self.
While you can be very idealistic, there may also be a temptation to acquire beautiful
objects by improper means. You must also guard against other meddlesome behavior
and domestic tyranny, or always having to have your own way in a family dispute.
Conversely, you have it within yourself to understand another person's dilemma and
come up with a creative solution. Your natural ability to give comfort and warmth can
smooth over hurt feelings like a healing balm. You attract love and appreciation. And
rightly so, because you give the same in return.
You make an outstanding teacher (especially young children or special education),

Page 9
healer, counselor social worker, psychologist, artist, designer, gardener, florist, and
farmer. You can be successful in business, especially those that involve dealing with

Paul, your Expression is 11/2

Paul, yours is the most highly charged Expression number of all. You are like a
lightning rod, attracting powerful ideas, intuitions, and even psychic information like
unpredictable bolts.
You are a powerful presence without any awareness on your part of having personal
power. You are a channel for higher vibrations. But in order to be emotionally and
psychologically at peace, you must learn to control that flow of energy. You possess a
bridge between the unconscious and the conscious. The trouble is that the unconscious
is an infinite resource, while consciousness by definition is a limited arena. The two are
therefore at odds until they can learn to live in harmony with each other. This is where
control comes in. Until you are able to control the flow of energy from this infinite source,
you may feel like a victim of its whimsy, thrown about by emotional turmoil and nervous
Paul, you have always sensed that you are different, but it was an indefinable feeling.
You are enormously sensitive and aware, especially as a child. This made you
vulnerable to all conflicts and painful situations. For most of your upbringing, however,
you did not realize that other people did not possess the same sensitivity, nor did they
see the same things you were seeing. This caused a great reservoir of emotion that was
dammed up behind an inability to express your feelings, even to yourself. For this
reason, most 11 Expressions have a difficult childhood. Your extreme sensitivity made
you very shy as a child. This usually manifests in adulthood as hesitation and acute
vulnerability. You are very careful about sharing your feelings with others and choosing
your friends.
You compensated for your sense of separation in childhood by creating an elaborate
fantasy world. You daydreamed more than other children. You have a lively imagination
and even in adulthood have a hard time separating reality from fantasy.
Paul, your challenge is to bring forth your primitive, earthy strength. You need to be
grounded in order to deal with your lightning bolts. The more you are able to call upon
your inherent human strength, the greater your capacity to take advantage of your
extremely sensitive awareness. Once this is accomplished, your antagonist becomes
your benefactor.
You are highly emotional and dependent upon relationships. Emotionally, you go up
and down with the fortunes of your love life.
You are idealistic, impractical, and at times disorderly. You are often unrealistic in your
Your reasons for doing things are usually born of a mixture of logic, emotion, and
intuition, which can rarely be explained satisfactorily to your more rational associates.
The 11 Expression is the number most dependent upon other core numbers in your
chart for insight into your vocation. The 11 charges every area it enters, but it needs a
grounding vocation and discipline to be effective.
A balanced 11 is one of the most unique and impressive of all people. It is gifted with
insight and illumination, which it can transmit to others. This makes you a natural
teacher in whatever area you enter.

Page 10
Your Expression's compatibility is 6 and 2

More than any other number in your chart, your Expression number reflects who you are
as a person. Earlier, you read about the Life Path number and how important that
number is in your chart. However, the Life Path number reflects ďthe path you walk on,Ē
and should be seen more as a powerful influence than as a part of your personality
makeup. Your Expression number on the other hand, reflects a deeper part of you. It is
more difficult to overcome possible negative traits you may have recognized in yourself
when they are found in this part of the chart, than when they are found under the Life
Path description.

It canít be emphasized too much how important it is to realize that numbers in different
areas of the chart affect you differently, even when it is the same number. Sometimes,
you may read something that seems to directly contradict earlier statements. Yet, if you
take the time to think about them carefully, you will probably recognize that you, as a
human being, are extremely complex and full of the same contradictions. This is simply
the way we are. You may be organized in one area of your life, while chaos rules in
another area. You may be tactful and sensitive in one setting, and direct and
confrontational in another situation.

Two and six are considered the most loving numbers of all. However, their love
expresses itself in different ways. Paul, your two, in this part of the chart, reveals
sensitivity, awareness of emotional forces in yourself and others, and an ability to
recognize the subtle and often hidden motives in others. Della, your six points to a
powerful urge to care and protect, to shelter those you love and to comfort them. In fact,
one of the few traits a six has to guard for is not to smother others with its love.
Paul and Della, this combination forms a strong foundation for any relationship, but in
particular for a romantic one. You both love easily and without holding back. You are not
afraid to reveal your feelings. However, it is only in the strength of their love and their
need for sharing and giving that these two numbers overlap. In many other respects,
they are very different and, sometimes, even opposite. Paul, your love is one of feelings
and emotions driven by the need for companionship, security, and comfort. It is intuitively
aware of the fragile nature of life and therefore has a tendency to be somewhat needy
and insecure. A negative expression of this insecurity is jealousy, perhaps even towards
people Della may have a business or friendship relation with. If Della gives too much
time and attention to someone else, Paul may have some difficulty in accepting that.
Della, on the other hand, can be oblivious to the subtle signs that something is brewing
underneath the surface. Della feels comfortable in a romantic relationship and does not
share this kind of insecurity.
Although Della is not particularly afraid of romantic competition, Dellaís demons also
show up in this relationship. Where Paul requires attention and emotional contact to feel
comfortable, Della may tend to spread attention around in search of other peopleís
approval and gratitude. Like a parent with grown children, Della reaches out to take care
of, and comfort others, as a way to fill a space that canít be filled. By doing so, Della may
forget who and what is really important, a trait typical to the six.

More often than not, neither the occasional jealousy nor envy of the two, nor the aimless

Page 11
mothering of the six, can do more than put a dent in this relationship. The two and the six
are very compatible and the likelihood of a crash is smaller than in most other number


Your Heart's Desire is the inner you. It shows your underlying urge, your true
motivation. It reveals the general intention behind many of your actions. Consequently, it
dramatically influences the choices you make in life. The Heart's desire is seen as part
of the larger picture, called the core numbers, which includes the Life Path, Expression,
Day you were born, and Personality. But each points to a different aspect of you.
The Expression number reveals your talents and abilities, and your general direction in
life. The Life Path is the central lesson you came into the world to learn. The Day you
were born is very closely connected to your Life Path. It reveals specific talents you
possess, which will be helpful to you in dealing with your Life Path. The Personality
reveals how people tend to see you. It also demonstrates what characteristics you are
projecting to the world. The Heart's Desire demonstrates the identity of the soul that
joined the earth -- you, the spiritual being.

Della, your Heart's Desire is 20/2

Della, you want peace and harmony in all aspects of your life. You want to devote your
life to someone or something. You fall in love easily. You are extremely sensitive and
emotional. You can be sentimental and you cry at sad stories. You need friends and
You appreciate the refinements of life. You desire comfort and security. You have
refined taste, and can be a connoisseur. You love music and possess a good deal of
musical talent.
Your sensitivity is actually a symptom of your highly developed intuition. But you must
learn to trust it.
Della, you are a gentle soul and shy away from confrontation as long as possible. You
experience a battle within when you do not believe you can handle a situation; this may
have a paralyzing effect on you.
You prefer to give in when you should assert yourself. You must learn to be more
decisive. Very often, you are afraid to use your own power in the face of someone else's
aggressiveness. You incorrectly perceive yourself to be in a weaker position; you may
ultimately give in merely to avoid a fight.
Conversely, you are extremely diplomatic and tactful. You like to accomplish things
through quiet persuasion. You dislike force.
You have to fight uncertainty and doubt. You need to develop confidence and a
willingness to stand up for what you believe to be right.
Della, you function best in a supportive role, guiding the more public person in quiet,
unobtrusive, yet essential ways.

Paul, your Heart's Desire is 16/7

Paul, you love knowledge, study, and insight. You value the gifts of your mind, which
you use to great advantage to penetrate the mysteries of life. You study things in-depth.

Page 12 (this is 12 pages of an approx 35 page report, reports average 40 pages)


Copyright© 2005 Cosmic Paths All rights reserved for entertainment purposes only

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