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Native American Medicine Wheel Report        $19.95
   by: Dr. Randall Cole Roffe                                                                

A most unique and intriguing report!

Every animal power represents several of the Star Clans; that is why all over the world there are different symbolic images of the subdivisions of the seasonal circle of the sky. This seasonal circle, and all that it contains, is known as the Medicine Wheel by many Native Americans.

This reading shows you your place on the wheel by describing your symbolic animal, its place in the realm it inhabits and its power element. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your journey with your Medicine Animal.

This is traditional Native American astrology by Randall Cole Roffe, based on the Kvniakati Tsulawi Medicine Wheel tradition of the Southern Shawnee and Cherokee, with some references to the traditions of other North American tribes. Dr. Roffe is a direct descendant of the Chickamaugan Tsulawi Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Southern Shawnee Kvniakati practitioners. He is not a member of any currently Federally recognized tribal entity.

Here's a short lesson about Native American Astrology by Dr. Roffe: The circle of our more immediate experience, extending to the horizons of the Four Directions, is also known as the Medicine Wheel, nesting within larger and larger wheels.

Every Medicine Animal has power in one or more of the Three Realms of Above, Middle and Below; and with one or more of the Elements. The Medicine Powers of the Three Realms or Worlds, like that of the Four Directions, is a very ancient tradition of pretty much all the Native American people. The Medicine Powers of the Twelve Directions and the Seven Heavens and their Lights are in most ways special to the Kvniakati, Tsulawi, and other Cherokee and Shawnee traditions, though others may know these things in a parallel manner. The Medicine Powers of the Elements are partially Kvniakati traditions but have certainly been influenced by early interactions of Cherokee/Shawnee, Scottish, and Chinese astrological and medical systems.

It is good to have a balance of powers in the Realms and the Elements.

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