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Naughty Natal Astrology Report........... get ready for some fun and a few laughs!

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Naughty Natal                                                      $5.95   2 for $9.95
  3 for $12.00

Get two Naughty Natals, one for you and a Lover (or a friend!) at a special price! $9.00 for 2

Or Get THREE Naughty Natals, one for you and a few for your... friends Even better Only $12.00 for 3

Just for fun!
If you can laugh at yourself, then you'll get a kick out of this report. A racy, often raw and irreverant look at the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars signs in your natal birth chart.

This report makes a good gift or practical joke! It likes to poke fun especially at the sexual side of the person and keeps you laughing and often because they are accurate too, and the language is rather raw and is designed strictly for adults. The printout is 5 pages in length.
Note: Content may be offensive to some.


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