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Aries Monthly Forecast

 Your Monthly Astrology Forecast for March 2006
by our own
Loony Lunella!














Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Loony Lunella!


Oh my goodness Aries get your hip waders out, raincoat, and umbrella and if at all possible HIDE for a few days the beginning of the month. It looks like a major storm front moving in and itís hovering right over your head! You ever get that feeling when lightening has been striking or the big storms coming? It starts feeling tense, you know that itís coming, donít know how bad it will be but itís out there. Well from where I sit thatís what Iím seeing. And itís got more to do with mentalness, not mental loony coo coo mental but mental brain too much thinking mental. If at all possible hold on to something hard and fast and try not to lash out like a lightning storm. I said HIDE because it may be more for the safety of others if you lose control of your emotions. And in the end itís going to be for your own sake too. You could very well burn one too many bridges and get stranded in No Whereville all alone when a few days ago you wouldnít have thought this possible. Take a pen and paper or your nearest word program and put your thoughts, frustrations and maybe even anger out on paper. Now walk away, get some exercise and vent the build up of emotions out physically and constructively!

Whew glad thatís over! If you didnít lose all control during that few days of Here She Blows, then now is the time to look back and see how you can resolve those issues that got you into such a state. Plan ahead to work out the aspects that you have some control over: like finances, friendships, and relationships in general. Donít waste all that energy of the last few days by just pretending it wasnít there, take advantage of what was revealed to you by your reactions and get to work!

Oh here it comes, just the month for us all when on the 2nd (here in the Americas, please adjust your dates accordingly) Mercury goes flippin Retrograde! This happens 3 times a year and it lasts for about 3 weeks. This time around is from March 2 to March 25, 2006.

A quick word to all the signs about what Mercury in Retrograde means from my perspective. Take the RE in retrograde and apply it to all the following: review, rethink, replan, rejuvenate, refine, reflect, repair, recheck, reschedule, realign, rewrite, reconsider, keep going thereís a lot more RE words out there. Rather than focus on all the negative things youíve heard about Mercury in Retrograde be positive and constructive and focus on some of these RE words.

For you Aries, this means slowing down a LOT and picking up all the little bits and pieces that have fallen on the side during the rush of the last few months. Letís call this RE-organizing. Take time to give credit to those that have helped you out lately and RE-acknowledge them. RE-focus on those things that youíve let slide that were in your list of goals. Youíve got about three weeks to RE-affirm these things so you can really jump start the rest of the year!

Okay back to reality, nothing any of us can do to change the heavens so letís just accept we are in Retro mode and move on!

The next week or two keeping in mind Mercury in Retrograde you could very well be feeling a LOT needier than usual. Physically as well as emotionally in need of a great deal of RE-assurance. If youíre not happy in your personal life or professional itís time to RE-evaluate and see what can be fixed or compromised or maybe let go of.

It also seems that your energy level is going up with your mental level of thinking and acting on what you can accomplish. The more you RE-discover in your life that you can let go of now will give you that much more energy. Think of this as a cleaning out period, the more clutter you can RE-lease the more energy you have to keep going at a faster and leaner pace.

Oh glorious Full Moon on the 14th brings communication to a real ear buster. You may find that your ear is tired of that phone being next to it since everyone just has to tell you all their gossip and you find yourself telling them all yours. Oh lets RE-phrase that to NETWORKING! Your keyboard is going to have to put up with a lot of wear and tear as you catch up on all the correspondence and email networking you may have put off. This is a great time to get that caught up.

Onward Aries ever onwardÖÖ..
The next few weeks still influenced by Mercury RE-trograde keeps you busy with communication issues and that needy feeling. Still RE-evaluating your love life? I do think youíll be able to come to some conclusions around now. You may not want to act on them until after Mercury comes out of Retrograde, but youíll find whatever decision you come up with will ultimately be beneficial to you.

Oh yeah itís over! Mercury goes stationary again on the 25th. And if you thought things were speeding up before, now all that Re-focusing starts to pay off. Try to spend the next week and even into the first part of next month concentrating those issues that you can bring to closure now. Save any new plans for later when you can really concentrate on them without any clutter.

The New Moon on the 29th of the month is more about ideas and goals. Itís a great time to let your creative energy flow and plan the ďwhat ifs and I canĒ as well as the out of the box possibilities. Try not to make any commitments to what you may brainstorm right now, because it is an energy of creativity not necessarily conclusion. Remember that this energy doesnít just come on this day but builds up a few days prior and after sooo itís a good bet that the last few days into the first week of next month youíll be back to that mentalness of thinking way too much but it looks like very creative thinking!

Till next month, this is Loony Lunella coming at you from the weird side of the Full Moon.

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