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Libra  Monthly Forecast

 Your Monthly Astrology Forecast for March 2006
by our own
Loony Lunella!














Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Loony Lunella!


Okay Libra here goes. Being a Libra myself 9/26, personally Iím not sure how I like the way this month is supposed to go. Okay so thwap me now and call me a wouuuussss but itís about the heart. Not necessarily about emotions but about ROMANTIC emotions. Being single at the moment and knowing how dramatic those type of emotions can be, all I can say is buckle up cause you may be in for a bumpy ride. Granted your world doesnít revolve around only romantic considerations and weíll get into those other issues as well. Maybe keeping the rest in perspective will keep you grounded enough to get through this month. I sure hope so cause I have to work my way through this muck too.

Like the rest of the world, it doesnít matter what sign you are because the overall energy is intense the first part of the month. Itís a wild ride and you may just want to find some place you can hole up in this during the energy storm thatís coming or may already arrived by the time you read this. Where Iím at now (the San Francisco area) the weather here is intense and if itís an indication of the emotional energy the universe is putting out astrologically then itís really not making me feel comfortable. Okay enough of the drama and on to the how this is all going to affect us through the month.

To add to the wild energy I mentioned weíve got to deal with Mercury going flippin Retrograde! This happens on the 2nd (here in the Americas, please adjust your dates accordingly) this occurs 3 times a year and it lasts for about 3 weeks. This time around itís from March 2 to March 25, 2006.

A quick word to all the signs about what Mercury in Retrograde means from my perspective. Take the RE in retrograde and apply it to all the following: review, rethink, replan, rejuvenate, refine, reflect, repair, recheck, reschedule, realign, rewrite, reconsider, keep going thereís a lot more RE words out there. Rather than focus on all the negative things youíve heard about Mercury in Retrograde be positive and constructive and focus on some of these RE words.

Okay back to reality, nothing any of us can do to change the heavens so letís just accept we are in Retro mode and move on!

For you Librans the next three weeks will be very much about your emotional love life. I donít think itís going to matter if you are In Love with anyone right now, especially with Mercury in Retrograde youíll be doing a lot of RE-evaluating your current situation. Even more you may try to do some RE-adjusting of it. Ask me as a Libran if Iím looking forward to all this mental RE-flecting on my current love life. NOT

Well in the positive aspect of this, itís a great time to deal with all this. If you are having those RE-gret moments about a past love, now is the time to RE-flect on why it didnít work out and what you might want to do in a similar situation if those issues arise with someone new in the upcoming months or even sooner. If you are currently involved with someone, now is also a great time to RE-evaluate how things are going and RE-fine how you can make them better! There truly isnít any such thing as the perfect relationship. But, there are always things you can do, be it little or large to make it a better partnership or friendship. Think of changes you can make that you can implement later in the month after Mercury goes Stationary. Youíll have a good chance to fulfill any fantasies you have carousing through that creative mind of yours. If you fantasize hard enough you just may manifest that relationship youíve been daydreaming of all month! Okay I guess I do have something to look forward to! ::wicked smile::

Moving on to other aspects of what may be likely to come up during this period of Retrograde drama! Seems like your social circle is about to go for a bit of a spin. Associates in both your work life and social life may seem to flake out more during this period. Give it a deep breathe and realize they are going through as much this month as you are. Everyone is trying to figure out what goes where and most importantly where they really belong. By the time all this is done you and they could very well have RE-shuffled your positions and things just feel like it wasnít just a coincidence, but more syncronicity as it all works out. While you are busy RE-evaluating how to make things work in your corner of the checker board, so were they. Try to work with this RE-formation of positions and maybe roles so that you feel RE-fined as a part of the big picture and RE-vitalized by the changes taking place.

One of the major RE-evaluations you may be looking at especially towards the end of this RE-trograde period are your finances. This could be far more positive than you imagine. By RE-thinking your financial goals you could very well find a way to speed up your RE-payment of debts and maybe even find a way to RE-finance what you do have so that you can consolidate everything for a lower payment! Okay Iím feeling a bit better now!

The Full Moon energy coupled with Mercury in retrograde is hitting right in the middle of this month on the 14th. Again keep in mind the energy of these times takes days to build up and days after the events to fade away. So with that in mind the energy of this Full Moon for you is more about RE-velations. Ha got another RE word in there!

Stretch your imagination and really RE-lease any confining thought and take your vision to go out of the box right now. Push it hard and allow your creativity to pick up on this Full Moon energy. The energy is out there so you can really expand things in a very positive direction in any avenue you may have an ongoing project in the current work phase. Youíve got a really good chance of being RE-cognized now as having it all together or coming close to completion. Take a bow Libra youíve done a great job and it shows. You could very well find out that others have been doing some RE-evaluating of YOU and they are very impressed.

Oh itís about time! Mercury goes stationary on the 25th and arenít we all ready for it! Several weeks of everyone trying to get their act together while they work through Mercury in Retro are on their way out and you can RE-focus on what you were doing with your usual air of confidence. Having RE-appraised the situation in the last few weeks any roadblocks that might have come up are likely to be very minor now because of all the planning you implemented. Itís time to cut loose now and accomplish all those things you had on hold the first three weeks of the month.

The New Moon energy on the 29th is concluding this month with a good dose of reality and another burst of energy. Use this time creatively to organize your personal space and make it all cozy. By this time you may just want to snuggle up with that romantic interest if they are around. Yes we are right back to the major issue of your month, sigh, intimacy and the heart. Oh pitter patter, hehehe I want me some pitter patter! Itís a great time to express yourself and really get across how you feel about someone. Donít waste the time hiding out at home, go out and take control and take a risk!

Till next month, this is Loony Lunella coming at you from the weird side of the Full Moon.

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