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Scorpio Monthly Forecast

 Your Monthly Astrology Forecast for March 2006
by our own
Loony Lunella!














Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Loony Lunella!


Scorpio your life is never dull is it? If itís been quiet for the last few weeks expect the pace to pick up and you to run with it like a marathon participant. Like the rest of the world, it doesnít matter what sign you are because the overall energy is intense the first part of the month. Where others are feeling like a wild ride you may feel more like itís a new and intense adventure just waiting to happen. Ah well Scorpio no one ever said lifeís boring around you.

To add to the wild energy I mentioned weíve got to deal with Mercury going flippin Retrograde! This happens on the 2nd (here in the Americas, please adjust your dates accordingly) this occurs 3 times a year and it lasts for about 3 weeks. This time around is from March 2 to March 25, 2006.

A quick word to all the signs about what Mercury in Retrograde means from my perspective. Take the RE in retrograde and apply it to all the following: review, rethink, replan, rejuvenate, refine, reflect, repair, recheck, reschedule, realign, rewrite, reconsider, keep going thereís a lot more RE words out there. Rather than focus on all the negative things youíve heard about Mercury in Retrograde be positive and constructive and focus on some of these RE words.

Okay back to reality, nothing any of us can do to change the heavens so letís just accept we are in Retro mode and move on!

The coming three weeks have you looking at RE-evaluating your current finances. This is truly a great period for you to RE-examine whatís going on with your money and maybe not take too many risks on the tried and true but RE-place them with some new avenues of investment or RE-finance. When RE-sources come up short, don't hesitate to RE-allocate them in order to RE-define your future income so that you benefit as much as possible. RE-design the way you handle your money with the goal toward giving yourself some extra padding, rather than RE-lying on last minute income to fill in the those moments of unexpected expenses. Right now buckling down on expenditures could really gain you far more as the year moves on. This could include RE-shuffling the way you present yourself on a day-to-day basis, in order to become more in tune to the flow of life around you. That could mean RE-organizing your wardrobe so it looks more up to date. Simple things like a new accessory or a new jacket to go with the things you already have. This doesnít have to put you in financial debt, but it can actually increase your potential income in the near future by showing others that you are keeping up with the times. That doesnít mean trying to keep up with the neighbors! All this RE stuff is sounding a bit tedious I know, but itís all positive and beneficial.

The Full Moon on the 14th hits you right in the middle of all this RE-trograde energy. And yes for you itís still about money. If you've been chasing down that extra credit line, looking for a better deal on a mortgage or equity loan, this is a great time to pull it all together. There's real potential right now if youíve been doing your homework on RE-evaluating what is available for you.

This is also a good time for putting the finishing touches on projects on the home side of things. Youíll find that if you can RE-evaluate the clutter around you that clearing out those items you donít use anymore or truly have no use for will leave you feeling much lighter and happier.

The rest of this month leading up to Mercury going Stationary on the 25th and the New Moon on the 29th is still focused on finances. It really is about money for you this month, so keep RE-evaluating how you can manifest some more money to help finance all those dreams and fantasyís youíve got cooking up in that over active imagination of yours! You may just start feeling a little down about this time, donít worry itís going to work out. Do take the time to RE-evaluate whatís going on with your life and instead of looking at all the negative things try to find ways to improve those areaís you would like to be more positive in. Itís not at all a surprise when you think you are feeling down and cranky and someone comes along and asks for you to be their shoulder to lean on and cry on. Bend a little or a lot for anyone looking for some comfort. Be careful of money issues though, but itís not going to be that much of a burden for you just to lend some emotional support. Oh believe me this will come back at some time in the future when you really need that shoulder or a hug. You might want to look at the definition of a wooby in Geminiís monthly horoscope.

PUHLEASE PUHLEASE remember Scorpio that all that negative thinking just makes things worse. So try to put as much of that negativity into a RE word and turn it into some grand probabilities. There isnít anything worse than a sulky scorp, having had a few sweeties in that sign well ::rolls eyes:: RE-evaluate, RE-think, RE-plan, RE-Focus, turn things around and start implementing them once Mercury goes Stationary on the 25th. Once this time passes things should really start feeling right with the world for you. All the little annoying things that were happening just start to disappear or RE-solve themselves rather quickly.

The New Moon on the 29th STILL shows things revolving around finances. Ahh well being a Libra my sign revolved all around emotions of the heart. I think Iíd rather deal with finances than squishy mushy stuff right now LOL. Yeah so Iím a wouuuussss. Oh well since the majority of my planets end up in Scorpio, hmmm I guess I should reread this and keep it in mind for myself. So lets see, the month finishes up with you looking again at investments, looks like a better opportunity with finances in that department than if you just go impulse spending. Watch out for those pretty things in the store window because your patience may be limited and you may feel the want of now, now, now, just remember your wallet might be a bit short of cash to pay the bill!

Till next month, this is Loony Lunella coming at you from the weird side of the Full Moon.

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