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Gemini Monthly Forecast

 Your Monthly Astrology Forecast for March 2006
by our own
Loony Lunella!














Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Loony Lunella!


Gemini I think you may need a wooby this month. Okay if you donít know what a wooby is you can define it something along the lines of a favourite blanket that you can take comfort in. If youíre familiar with the Charlie Brown cartoons itís like that blanket that Linus dragged EVERYWHERE with him. It gave him comfort and security. Iíll share this with you, one of my favourite woobyís was a hottie Scorpio! This month is about emotions and relationships for you and itís a definite wooby month.

This doesnít mean a negative for you, it could mean a whole lot of positive. But either way it wonít hurt you to have some back up emotionally. Even the positive can be a bit overwhelming and youíll find yourself with your world rocked enough to want to just cuddle up with your wooby (whatever form it takes for you) and take some time to RE-flect and Re-evaluate. Read on Gemini and youíll understand more why I emphasize the RE.

For us all on the 2nd (here in the Americas, please adjust your dates accordingly) Mercury goes flippin Retrograde! This happens 3 times a year and it lasts for about 3 weeks. This time around is from March 2 to March 25, 2006.

A quick word to all the signs about what Mercury in Retrograde means from my perspective. Take the RE in retrograde and apply it to all the following: review, rethink, replan, rejuvenate, refine, reflect, repair, recheck, reschedule, realign, rewrite, reconsider, keep going thereís a lot more RE words out there. Rather than focus on all the negative things youíve heard about Mercury in Retrograde be positive and constructive and focus on some of these RE words.

Okay back to reality, nothing any of us can do to change the heavens so letís just accept we are in Retro mode and move on!

So letís focus a bit on how you can make this time beneficial to your emotions and relationships. Thereís a really good chance that whether youíre in a stable RE-lationship now or not youíll really want to RE-evaluate whatís important to you emotionally. Again itís not the time to make a lot of changes but it is a time to focus on your needs and your future goals. Spending the next few weeks on these issues will really help you get a grip on the rest of your reality. By that I mean work, friends, family and finances. If you are happy emotionally it shows in how you interact and RE-act in the other aspects of your life. If you are alone and comfortable with this at this time in your life then RE-evaluate how you can widen your social circle so you arenít doing as many things alone. A great group of friends can sometimes last longer than some heart relationships and can be great to fall back when you need a wooby factor at the last minute. And donít forget those friends if you do have a significant other in your life. It wonít hurt you right now to spend some time RE-evaluating who you might need to RE-focus on that youíve ignored for the last few months.

Itís also a good time to Re-allocate your money. Work out some goals to pay down some debts and maybe focus on what you can do to RE-concile debts like credit cards into one payment rather than numerous small ones.

Between the energy of Mercury going Stationary on the 25th and the New Moon on the 29th itís still about emotions and relationships for you. And a lot of fantasizing going on in that skull cap of yours isnít at all unlikely right now. Well if you thought about what you might want to do with someone or just your life in general now would be a good time to take a risk and venture forth with a proposition or two. Proposition does not mean proposal unless of course all that RE-evaluating you did earlier this month lead you to considering a long term commitment with someone. Emotionally you could be worked up enough to go for it about now. Heck even asking someone out for the first time takes a lot of guts to propose a dinner date with, nowís the time to go for it! This could also mean taking a risk and making a business proposition to someone in an area that youíve always had an interest in but not quite enough guts to take the risk. Ahhh donít forget your wooby! Even visualizing it/them/him/her may give you the security to walk that path that youíve been too cautious to take before now.

Closing down this month and starting out the next with the New Moon on the 29th . Remember that this energy doesnít just come on this day but builds up a few days prior and after so itís a good bet that the last few days and into the first week of next month you find that all that RE-evaluating is now being put into action. You could very well have concluded that you donít need as many drastic changes as you were considering last month. Changing the lamp shades rather than buying a whole new set could be far more satisfying to you as an example. Like painting a lighter or shade darker color in your favorite room makes you feel like youíve surrounded yourself with woobiness hehe. Youíve not only made some changes that change your attitude but you didnít put yourself into financial debt as much as you could have. And this makes you feel good to. Again this month had a great deal of focus about emotions. You may have found that a few compromises with someone youíre close to works out far better than just starting over or losing that person all together. Where some of the other signs had some huge changes going on you could do very well with just RE-evaluating and RE-tuning rather than RE-moving!

Till next month, this is Loony Lunella coming at you from the weird side of the Full Moon.

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