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Pisces Monthly Forecast

 Your Monthly Astrology Forecast for March 2006
by our own
Loony Lunella!














Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Loony Lunella!


Happy Birthday to those of you born in Pisces and welcome to one of the wackiest months Iíve seen yet for you. Maybe because a lot of things are in your home sign right now everything is more open for you than anyone other sign. Where the other signs I saw the majority of focus on one or two issues, LOL you my pretty are ALL OVER THE MAP so to speak. You definitely have an advantage going for you that most others donít right now. YOU can accomplish a lot and do it with some real energy. I think Iíll stick with the emphasis that this isnít just a brand new month for you but a brand NEW YEAR!

Being itís almost all happening in Mercury Retrograde (more about this in a second) itís definitely a great time to RE-evaluate your current situations and RE-plan on how you want to change things or clear some things out so not only the rest of this month is cleaner in all aspects, but your new year starts out with less clutter.

This month starts out with a wild energy for everyone, so take it as a great time to make some headway into whatever youíve really wanted to do in the past. Start making some plans for your future and use this Mercury Retrograde time to RE-lease and RE-energize.

To add to the wild energy I mentioned weíve all got to deal with Mercury going flippin Retrograde! This happens on the 2nd (here in the Americas, please adjust your dates accordingly) this occurs 3 times a year and it lasts for about 3 weeks. This time around is from March 2 to March 25, 2006.

A quick word to all the signs about what Mercury in Retrograde means from my perspective. Take the RE in retrograde and apply it to all the following: review, rethink, replan, rejuvenate, refine, reflect, repair, recheck, reschedule, realign, rewrite, reconsider, keep going thereís a lot more RE words out there. Rather than focus on all the negative things youíve heard about Mercury in Retrograde be positive and constructive and focus on some of these RE words.

Okay back to reality, nothing any of us can do to change the heavens so letís just accept we are in Retro mode and move on!

Itís not the time to make a lot of changes during the next two or three weeks, but it is a time to focus on your needs and your future goals. Spending the next few weeks on these issues will really help you get a grip on the rest of your RE-ality. By that I mean work, friends, family and finances, future goals the whole spectrum. If you are happy emotionally it shows in how you interact and RE-act in the other aspects of your life. If you are alone and comfortable with this at this time in your life then RE-evaluate how you can widen your social circle so you arenít doing as many things alone. A great group of friends can sometimes last longer than some heart relationships and can be great to fall back on at the last minute. And donít forget those friends if you do have a significant other in your life. It wonít hurt you right now to spend some time RE-evaluating who you might need to RE-focus on that youíve ignored for the last few months.

Itís also a good time to Re-allocate your money. Work out some goals to pay down some debts and maybe focus on what you can do to RE-concile debts like credit cards into one payment rather than numerous small ones.

For you I would say your intuition is really heightened this month. Maybe more than anything else I would emphasize going with your gut instincts first rather than thinking logically. You may just talk yourself out of some really outrageously good times if you over think yourself right now. Trust in yourself and others will to.

In the middle of the Retrograde energy add to it the Full Moon Loonies on the 14th. Be careful of what you say, RE-flect before you yell, and try to RE-store as much peace between yourself and those closest to you. Mercury Retrograde has a lot to do with miscommunication issues right now for EVERYONE. So take this time to REALLY RE-think things on a communication level before blasting everyone with a remark or tone of voice that will be misinterpreted. Youíve got it more together than most during this time so have some compassion for them if they arenít as up to speed on your level right now.

Many things in your life are RE-structuring even though you may not notice them, and you may be in for some surprises when all is RE-solved. Try not to make assumptions and over think things just because they donít seem normal. Again focus on gut instincts and intuition. And FOLLOW what you feel is right for you! RE-structure your thinking process to ALLOW for intuition.

Between the energy of Mercury going Stationary on the 25th and the New Moon on the 29th itís things can get a LOT wild again. Keep a notepad or your daytimer, or something to that effect close at hand the next week or so. There will be so much going on in all aspects AGAIN that you wonít want to lose track of anything. A lot of it could be important and very beneficial in the near future. Youíll want to take advantage of it all, but that wonít happen if you forget or get it confused with something else that may be occurring almost spontaneously at the time. RE-member that this energy doesnít just occur in one day, it meanders in a few days prior and peaks and lasts into the following week for a few days.

Enjoy your life Pisces and let others around you join in your joy. Itís good to be you! Again Happy Birthday and may the rest of your year be grand and satisfying.

Till next month, this is Loony Lunella coming at you from the weird side of the Full Moon.

Copyright© 2005-06 Cosmic Paths  All rights reserved for entertainment purposes only

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